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Since establishment in 2009, we have been supplying excavator attachments and spare parts to global market.

Owing to continuous efforts to improve quality and service supported by advanced technology, we have now built

stabilized production system to keep up with various customers' needs maintaining reliable performance.

This is how we were able to be the powerful leader in Hydraulic attachment business in several countries where

the competition between many breaker brands is so tough.

Now, we are on a stage to expand our share in global market and we welcome motivated enterprises from many

countries who are willing to handle our products. We are open to discuss with you and your proposal is always


We hope to grow higher and stronger together with our dealers and valued customers.

Mission Statement

· Always supply guaranteed & error-free products

· Always provide customers with best services and fastest parts delivery

· Keep up with advanced hydraulic technology.

· Make sure to best support dealers

· Always try to locate qualified suppliers of special equipements and parts

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