Hydraulic Breaker

Best Solution for breaking rocks, concrete and quarry!

breakers are designed to best perform both impact energy and durability, finally resulting in maximum productivity. Each and every optimal parts are result of long experiences in manufacturing hydraulic hammer, and we will keep searching for higher & more advanced technologies.


According to the location of Valve, we apply 2 different types of Powercell. Valve Inward type has Main Valve inside Cylinder block, while Valve Outward type has Main Valve attached to Cylinder block.

Valve OUTward Type

Applied Hammer Models :



Valve Inward Type

Applied Hammer Models :

PB100/PB150/PB200/PB300/PB350/PB400/ PB1000/PB1300/PB1700/PB2500/PB4000 

Through Bolt
Assemble & hold the front head, cylinder and back head tightly. They need to be inspected for loosening and re-tightened weekly according to specified torque. Quality and tightness of Through Bolt is very important to ensure the durability of the breaker.
Back Head
Contains the cushion chamber charged with Nitrogen(N2) gas that compresses during upward strokes of the piston, and serves to provide maximum absorption of piston recoil, efficientiy storing this energy for the next blow.
Control valve
The valve controls reciprocal piston action with hydraulic fluid distribution.
Contains the moving piston which strikes the tool. The seals for both ends of the Piston are also located in the Cylinder. The seals for the upper end of the piston are located in a removable Seal Retainer while the seals for the lower end of the piston are located in grooves machined directly into the cylinder.
Reduces the surge pressure and spikes generated from the circiut of excavator. It also increases impact energy. (Applied for PB1500 and bigger models.)
Designed to deliver maximum energy to the Tool and efficiently reduce recoil from the Tool. Impact power of breaker is decided by the amount of energy delivered by Piston.
Front head
Retains the tool using the tool pins. The tool can be replaced by removing these pins.
Transfers piston impact power to the objects. We recommend various types of tool according to working conditions.

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