Hydraulic Breaker

Best Solution for breaking rocks, concrete and quarry!

Tools & Parts 

Breaker performance cannot be realized and guaranteed without use of good tool. Breaker Tools are made from alloy steel after complex heat treatment process. Every process of machining, heat treating, cooling and tempering are important and give big differences in properties. Not all tools are same. Use of cheap tools with incorrect properties can bring abnormal wearing to the bushings and pitting & chipping to the piston. To avoid paying lot more later for the whole breaker, we strongly recommend you to always choose POWER tools.

· Jisung
·Atlas Copco
·OK Tec
·Feel Eng
·UB Tech
·Case New Holand
·Chicago Pneumatic


Popular Type of Tools 

Moil Point (=Pyramid)
General use for demolition work and in quarries. Suitable for breaking up slag in steel mills, demolishing foundations, roadway drivage and roadway shots in mining.
Wedge (=Chisel)
General use with additional cutting action, drawing pits in rocky subsoil and separating rock slabs.
Conical (=Universal)
widely used for general demolitions where penetrative breaking is required.
Versatile use for breaking stone blocks, crushing large rock pieces in quarries, crushing slag and ground compression.

Special Type of Tools 

Asphalt cutter

General use for cutting black top of soft material.
Elephant foot

Use for demolishing reinforced concrete areas, crushing large rock pieces in quarries and ground compression.
Core Chisel

featured with super wear resistance owing to extremly hardened material in the core of chisel.
Ramming tool / Post Hole driver

Use for beating poles and pipes into the ground. Dimension is produced as requested.  

Spare Parts

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